Site Status

September 20

The site/web host has weathered the first few weeks of the season with only a couple of brief downtimes. Haven't waived the checkered flag just yet, but it's being unfurled (hopefully that didn't jinx it).

August 25

Voter details and data for the preseason poll have been added.

August 24

Finally got access to the database and published the preseason football poll and milestones. Voter data and any other necessary updates will be added later today or Friday. Thanks for your patience.

August 23

I have learned that the database issue was due to a miscommunication from the web host. Currently working on connecting to and restoring the database on a new server. Depending on the response from the web host, this may or may not be resolved before this evening.

August 21

A new database issue is preventing the preseason poll from being displayed. Apologies for the continued delays.

August 20

Got a reprieve from the new web host on 8/17. Moved to a new server and made a few database adjustments. Tomorrow will be interesting.

August 16

I have been notified by the new web host that my database queries are causing the server to fail and that I must upgrade within 48 hours. Since this would mean an increase of 600% to 1500% in my fees with that host, I'm looking to move again.

Hopefully this will be done by the weekend, and then we'll see how the new host handles the databases and traffic starting Monday.

August 3

So far so good with the new web host. Anxiously waiting for the first poll to drop on 8/21 to see how they handle spikes in traffic.

July 27

The circus continues... Database migration also fell through at my old web host, so I'm going to point to the site on the new web host for a few days and see how everything goes. If you run into any problems, please contact me.

July 21

The web host move fell through, but the database migration will take place this weekend. Some pages that pull from the databases may not work until everything has been moved, set up on the server, and validated. Thanks in advance for your patience.

July 4

Test site is running (at a different URL), but the intermittent phpMyAdmin database update problem that takes down the whole site remains the biggest roadblock to completing this any time soon. Now that I've been billed by the previous web host for the month of July, testing on the new web host is not as urgent as it was before. ETA: End of July, even if that means migrating the databases with my old web host at a much greater expense.

June 30

9:30 PM CT: Reverting back to the old site until the data import issues can be resolved.

9:00 PM CT: Most of the data has been imported, except for the most important: the polls. I'm working with the web host support team to get this resolved as soon as possible, but this will spill over to at least Saturday.

3:00 PM CT: The database import is going slower than expected. Email may or may not be working until the domain name servers have been updated with the new host information.

June 28

Starting the morning of Friday, June 30, College Poll Archive will be moving to a new web hosting company and migrating to a new database platform. You may have trouble reaching the site or viewing certain pages for an undetermined period of time. Hopefully everything will be available no later than Saturday morning (July 1). Updates will be posted as needed. Thanks in advance for your patience.

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