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  • Football Rankings: College Teams in the Associated Press Poll, 1936-1984. Lowell R. Greunke. McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, 1984.
  • Richard Billingsley (College Football Research Center): 1970s-80s AP and Coaches polls
  • 2002-present AP and Coaches polls
  • The New York Times: Various pre-2002 AP and Coaches polls
  • Official 2008 NCAA Football Records Book. Triumph Books, 2008.
  • Doug in Omaha: 1990s AP polls
  • Dan S.: AP Others Receiving Votes
  • Chris F.: AP Others Receiving Votes
  • Dan O.: AP Others Receiving Votes
  • Trevor R.: AP Others Receiving Votes
  • cfbtrivia: AP first-place votes and total points
  • College Football Data Warehouse: Weekly game results

Men's Basketball

  • Official 2008 NCAA Men's Basketball Records Book. Gary K. Johnson and Sean W. Striziscar. Triumph Books, 2007.
  • College Basketball Statistics Project
  • 2002-present AP and Coaches polls
  • The New York Times: Various pre-2002 AP and Coaches polls

Women's Basketball

  • Mel Greenberg a.k.a. the Womhoops Guru: Various AP polls
  • 2007-08 ACC Women's Basketball Media Guide. Lindsey Rogers, et al. Walnut Circle Press, 2007. (thanks to Chris P. for the tip)
  • 2002-present AP polls
  • The New York Times: Various pre-2002 AP polls