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January 7, 1948 Special Poll (Michigan/Notre Dame controversy)

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AP Voting Guidelines

Others Receiving Votes (ORV) data is available from 2003 to present and some select polls from 1936 to 2002. Older polls – mainly before the 1970s – may or may not include points.

I have ORV data for many of the pre-2003 polls, but it takes time to add it to the database. Once all existing sets of ORV data have been added, you will be able to look it up on the team summary pages.

The weekly appearance streaks of the Big Ten and Pac-12 teams that were ranked in the preseason Top 25 but ruled ineligible by the Associated Press for the first two regular season polls will remain broken on this website.

There are several factors to consider. Some are technical due to the changes that would be required on multiple pages and/or in the database itself. Others relate to questions about teams like Oregon, who was ranked in the preseason Top 10 but reentered the poll at #14. Or Utah who still hasn't reentered the poll (as of October 11).

Regardless of the situation, my goal was to treat each team the same.

Football Poll Features survey suggestions and replies

College Football Playoff Rankings (2014-Present)

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BCS Rankings (1998-2013)

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All BCS rankings have been added to the AP poll pages with the exception of a small percentage (3%) of teams ranked from #19 to #25 in the BCS that only appeared in the Others Receiving Votes section in the AP Poll. These BCS rankings will not display in the AP team week-by-week view, but are counted in the BCS total appearances.