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Filters: [1980]

Season #1 Team Coach Result Site Opponent (Event)
1980 Georgia Dooley W 17-10 N #7 Notre Dame (Sugar)
1980 Georgia Dooley W 38-20 H Georgia Tech
1980 Georgia Dooley W 31-21 A Auburn
1980 Notre Dame Devine T 3-3 A Georgia Tech
1980 Alabama Bryant L 3-6 A Mississippi State
1980 Alabama Bryant W 42-7 H #20 Southern Miss
1980 Alabama Bryant W 27-0 A Tennessee
1980 Alabama Bryant W 17-13 A Rutgers
1980 Alabama Bryant W 45-0 H Kentucky
1980 Alabama Bryant W 41-0 H Vanderbilt
1980 Alabama Bryant W 59-35 A Mississippi
1980 Ohio State Bruce W 31-21 H Syracuse
* Game occurred after final poll
** First of 2 games played before first regular season poll
Games:   12
Record (%):   10-1-1 (88%)
Avg Score:   30-11
#1 High Score:   59
#1 Low Score:   3
Opp High Score:   35
Opp Low Score:   0


  • The games involving Army in New York City are considered to be at a neutral site.
  • BCS National Championship games from 1998-2005 also count as bowl games. From 2006-13 they were separate from the actual bowl event.

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