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Football Poll Features Survey Comments and Replies

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Football Poll Features Survey. Here are the suggestions that were received with my reply. You can always contact me if you have suggestions in the future.

Season streaks of being in the Top-10 and Top-5 would be great!

This will take some restructuring of the database and then some further data input and/or manipulation, but it's very doable.

This is a lot to ask but it would be helpful to have each team's schedule for each year with the AP ranking of each opponent at the time they played them.

Although there's some obvious overlap between the poll data and a team's schedule, the database is not structured to display full schedules for every team. However, my plan is to add game results for every team that received votes (starting with ranked teams) and then add the ability to view any and all teams that played a ranked team and when. That should come close to what you're asking, especially if a team appeared in every poll of a given season. Entering all that data will take some time though.

It would be nice to be able to look at records versus Top 25 teams over a period of time. Some sort of search feature that let you pick the school and the span of years would be great.

See the comment above.

Maybe some dynasty stats, even if they're somewhat subjective.

You can already get a team's total appearance stats for a range of seasons. But I'm guessing you mean something more like the team summary page. I'll add this to my list.

I would like to see an all-time final AP poll. In other words, total points in just the final AP poll of each season. Such as, Notre Dame has garnered 500 total points in all of the final AP polls added up - an all time AP poll showing just the points added up for the final poll of each season...

Done. Just use the drop-down list to select 'Final'.

Will you be adding the coaches poll?

It was in my original plans, but finding the time to do so with some higher priority issues and goals (website and otherwise) will keep that from happening any time soon. Not to mention the fact that finding missing poll data will be much harder than it was for the AP poll.

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